Candidate Barmore has backed tax hikes


I have followed the county clerk’s race with interest and find it puzzling why Larry Barmore talks about saving taxpayers money, but then has a history in voting for tax increases year after year as a county legislator.

As our taxes continue to go up each year, Mr. Barmore votes yes to increased taxes. How would he expect anyone to believe him that now, when he is running for countywide office, that he has changed his mind and now supports lower taxes?

Please look at the record when considering your vote this November. Conversely, it appears Lori Cornell, the other candidate for county clerk, never votes for tax increases. She talks about fiscal responsibility, but then backs it up with a solid record of opposing tax increases.

She puts her money where her mouth is. We need to elect a county clerk we can trust, and to date Mr. Barmore says one thing, but his record says the complete opposite.

Mrs. Cornell’s rhetoric matches her record.