Resident makes case for write-in vote

This is an open letter to the citizens of the town of Hanover:

The only candidate for the sixth legislature district is seeking re-election. I am asking for your vote. My name is Raymond Wappman, running as a write-in candidate.

Due to downsizing from 25 to 19 legislators, the Town of Hanover will be represented by only one legislator in the sixth district.

We must do much more to provide government for less dollars. This I can work for in the county legislature.

We are seeing massive loss of jobs in the town of Hanover now, 460 due to closing the Lake Shore Hospital, and 250 at Petri Bakery Product. If the county executive and legislature have not sold the County Home before election day, my plan is to look at three ways to cut the losses due to the County Home.

First would look to change the management and leadership running the home. Second would look to leasing the home, which can reduce the outflow of cash from the county funds. Third would be sale, as is being discussed today. This third option is last because the Home is an asset and we know the population is aging and living longer. We do not want to sell the home only to pay out social department funds for the clientele of the home.

Another asset is the two county airports at Jamestown and Dunkirk. As of today both are operating at a loss. For a small county, with declining population it makes no sense to continue as is.

Jamestown has commercial air passenger service plus other commercial service and private users. We need to promote use of this airport and cut the losses. Dunkirk airport is a bigger drain on taxpayers and needs to be sold or leased to eliminate cost to county.

I will work and support a regional approach to water supply at lowest cost. These approaches will give the taxpayers a break along with other measures which I will support.

“This leads into jobs. During recent months, it has been bleak for the town of Hanover along with the county loss of 700 job mentioned earlier. We are in the southwest corner of New York state. Let’s use our position to attract jobs from Pennsylvania, Ohio and the Canada providence of Ontario by promoting our proximity to these regions.

Advertise the no tax on clothing to adjoining counties and Canada. Let’s not forget agriculture, for it is not only jobs but families who live and shop locally. Do all we can to have a profitable environment for farmers.

I seek your support with your vote as a write in for District 6 County Legislature.

Raymond E. Wappman is a Forestville resident.