A solid choice for justice


Town of Hanover voters, this November there will be two candidates vying for the town justice position.

Ed Schintzius is new to the political arena, and I am writing this recommendation for him. I know Ed from my association with him in his volunteer involvement in local organizations such as Habitat for Humanity, Silver Creek, Hanover Garden Club, and Silver Creek Food Pantry.

Ed also is one of three leaders in the campaign to dredge Cattaraugus Creek. I feel Ed’s career as a detective with the district attorney’s office, and working with the FBI and border patrol, has given him the understanding of how the judicial system should work.

Ed is not a lifelong resident of Hanover, but I believe he has shown his commitment to our town and its residents through his actions and volunteer work.

I am impressed with his respect for everyone he meets and his desire to provide everyone fair treatment. I believe Ed Schintzius would bring professionalism to our town court.


Silver Creek