Candidate Barmore gets ‘things done’


The people of Chautauqua County have to make an important decision on who will lead the County Clerk’s office in the coming years. Larry Barmore has impressed me with his proven abilities as a County Legislator and his reasons for running for county clerk.

The County Home situation is an excellent example. Mr. Barmore personally visited the nursing home run by the proposed buyer and conducted his own due diligence. Ms. Cornell, his opponent, did not even attend the informational meeting with the proposed buyer and the county legislators.

Mr. Barmore is open and honest about his desire to eliminate the massive taxpayer subsidy to the County Home and to sell it to a new company that runs a much higher rated nursing home in Johnson City, N.Y. Better service to residents and lower costs to taxpayers make a lot of sense to me. Ms. Cornell has not supported the sale in the past, which has cost us dearly.

Mr. Barmore has served three terms on the County Legislature and has a well-deserved reputation for “getting things done.” His many accomplishments include having worked with local village, town and county officials to clean up run down properties and get them back on the tax rolls, successfully achieved approval from the DEC on a cleaned up and renovated service station property allowing it to be used for other purposes, obtain grants to clean up properties, and creatively addressing problems that saved municipalities money.

I am particularly impressed with Mr. Barmore’s motto, that “one cannot serve their district if they are unaware of what is taking place at their local municipalities.” He regularly attends local meetings to learn what his constituents need and want. Once elected, I am confident that Larry will continue to attend meetings

The County Clerk’s office requires someone with demonstrated experience, leadership and management skills, not simply someone with political ambition. Larry Barmore has successfully run his own business for many years, and knows how to supervise staff and ensure excellent customer service.

Larry Barmore’s record speaks for itself. He has risen to each challenge and has made Chautauqua County a better place to live. He has great ideas to move the county clerk’s office forward with efficiency and superior customer service. He will make an excellent county clerk.