People’s Column

Schintzius is community minded


I’m writing this letter in support of Edward Schintzius, candidate for Hanover town justice. I met Ed a few years ago after he and his wife Laurie moved permanently to the town. Ed had just retired from an extensive career in law enforcement, fulfilling numerous positions over the years from officer, to detective, to investigator of domestic abuse cases, to working in the district attorney’s office, all in Niagara County.

Since Ed moved into the area he has been an outstanding supporter and volunteer for many local organizations, giving time and skills to help our community programs thrive and grow. He has been a volunteer at the Silver Creek Food Pantry, at Habitat for Humanity in Silver Creek, for church organizations, for the Garden Club and for other groups. He spends much of his time in service to our community and the individuals in it.

Ed and other local citizens have been working hard with community leaders, local and New York state representatives, and the DEC to have Cattaraugus Creek dredged in order to maintain the high quality waterways that our community and county need to sustain fishing and recreational revenues that our region depends on all year.

Ed is a community-minded individual who focuses on how he can best serve the town of Hanover. One of the areas to which he can contribute enormously is that of town justice. He can bring all of his previous experiences to this position, plus his fair-mindedness, his concern for all people, his solid code of ethics, his investigative skills, his knowledge of law enforcement procedures and practices, his professionalism, and his desire to provide a judicial process that respects the rights and responsibilities of the accused and the accusers.

Please support Ed Schintzius for the position of Hanover town justice by voting for him on Election Day.


Silver Creek

Pomfret’s Christy ‘quiet,’ hard worker


I write this unsolicited letter in support of Brett Christy, who is running for Pomfret Town Council on Nov. 5. Brett is a pretty quiet guy; hard working and humble. He is uncomfortable with self-promotion and politicking. I am writing to introduce him to those that may not know him yet, and to remind Brett’s many friends and family that he needs their vote Tuesday.

I have come to know Brett over the last few years in one of the best ways possible: Our sixth-grade sons are best friends. A child is an excellent indication of the character of a parent, and Brett’s son, Alex, is a great kid. He reflects very well upon Brett and his wife, Jennifer.

Brett is heavily involved in various capacities in Little League and Midget League. He never hesitates to volunteer. He coaches, as do many parents, but Brett is also the guy that shows up a half hour early to rake and line the field. He gives more than his fair share and always has a smile on his face while he is doing any task.

Brett is a practical guy. He looks for solutions to problems without worrying about who might be to blame. He talks about ideas, not about people. I trust the way that he makes decisions.

I feel strongly that Brett represents what is best about this community: family, hard work, generosity. He is not a politician. He is offering to serve his community. I want to take him up on that offer before he changes his mind. Please consider supporting him on Tuesday. Thank you.



Moving Forestville vote makes sense


I would like the residents of Forestville to disregard the propaganda spread by the disgruntled former clerk and treasurer, the appointed ex-trustee who could not get elected and the “wanna be” trustee. Those people still cannot accept the fact that the good ole boys lost the last election. We need to approve the resolution to move the March elections to November and let me tell you why.

The former clerk and treasurer has stated several times at board meetings that the March elections do not cost the village anything. She is wrong. The elections cost the village about $400.

Statistics show that the November election has better voter participation. This is especially true during a Presidential election year. The November election is paid for by the county, not the village.

A November election gives the board more time to adequately prepare a budget. Being elected in March only gives them six weeks to prepare a budget. Often, the board just rubber stamps the previous board’s recommendation with no meaningful understanding of the categories or line items.

So let’s bring Forestville into the 21st century and move the village election to coincide with the state and federal elections.