Green responds to Sopak’s comments

Norman P. Green, who is the Chautauqua County Democratic Election Commissioner as well as the Chautauqua County Democratic Committee Chair, responded following County Clerk’s comments regarding the League of Women Voters’ debate.

“I was very saddened to see our great retiring County Clerk Sandy Sopak, engaging in political sniping this week at Lori Cornell, our Democratic candidate for County Clerk, and the League of Women Voters. I personally would have preferred that Sandy be remembered as the hard-working public servant who stayed above the political fray.

“Sandy Sopak even dragged me into the fight with her press release stating, ‘In fact, Democratic Election Commissioner and party chairman Norm Green has come to our office on many occasions and, by his own admission, was treated with respect and provided with prompt, efficient service.’

“Sandy’s remarks about me were apparently meant as some sort of wrestling move to flip the tables on Lori Cornell’s supposed bad manners of having not come by for a Sandy Sopak tour. I must tell you, I personally always advise candidates to be respectful of an elected official’s office. I advise that it’s bad taste and arrogant to be inserting themselves in the office before the election. However, once officially elected, it is very appropriate to work on a transition and to get an insider’s view of how the office works,” he concluded.