Broken system being ignored


Relieve everyone in the federal government of their duties. Convert to a government that is truly of, by and for the people instead of one that is of, by and for the rich and well-connected.

Submit all policy issues to a national vote – each citizen texts his vote to a pre-determined number using his ever-present cell phone … and the majority rules. Possible topics for a vote: Invade Syria, or save precious American lives and billions of dollars by minding our own business? Abolish the IRS, convert to a consumption tax where every single citizen and business contributes, or continue our disgraceful 16,000 page tax code containing tons of loopholes? Continue our membership in the pathetic United Nations, where clueless countries like Russia and China hold veto power over every single global issue? Or join a “coalition of the willing” to provide humanitarian aid – NOT military intervention – around the world, and deny membership to Russia, China, North Korea and Iran? Maintain 700 overseas military bases costing billions, or save that money, bring home ALL the troops, then unleash hell on anyone foolish enough to attack us?

Stockpile tons of expensive weapons that kill people 23-times over, or should we maintain just enough to kill people once?

Continue spending billions on foreign aid, or devote 100 percent to “domestic aid,” rebuilding our roads and bridges etc.? Continue the absurd and wasteful welfare program, or phase it out completely over two years, and provide free training for job skills. Continue our unlimited immigration policy, or set limits and force immigrants to speak, read and write English, and follow a swift, well-defined path to citizenship?

Allow self-serving hypocrites from both parties to drive America straight into the sewer, or let the people decide important issues by way of a national vote?

This idea couldn’t possibly be any worse than our present “bad to the bone” political system. Important issues need to be addressed now. Our future is being threatened by a group of men so inept, every single one of them could get stuck in the middle of a push-up. I’m a fed up, die-hard, no-nonsense American patriot – sick of lies, deceit and corruption. It’s crystal clear our present system of government does NOT work.

Put down the remote, cell phone – except to vote, video game and computer. Forget about texting, tweetering, twisting and shouting. Forget about clueless celebrities, spoiled athletes and “Dancing With The Kardashian’s Idol.” Instead, step up to the plate and unleash a wave of patriotism unknown to man.

Restore the glory that once made this country so great.

Dennis Regan is a Gowanda resident.