Chapter 266 NCFO/Local 32BJ endorse Johnson, Cornell

The brothers and sisters of Chapter 266 National Conference of Firemen & Oilers/Service Employees International Union Local 32 BJ (NCFO 266/SEIU 32BJ) voted at their General Membership meeting to endorse Ron Johnson for Chautauqua County Executive and Lori Cornell for Chautauqua County Clerk. Chapter 266 represents the Production and Maintenance Workers at Carriage House in Fredonia and Dunkirk and the Production workers at Monofrax RHI in Falconer.

According to Chapter President Thomas Dickerson, “Ron and Lori represent our best chance of reversing the loss of the 7,000-plus jobs we have suffered and helping the working families of Chautauqua County after the hardship of the last eight years. I urge all our members, their families, and indeed all working people in Chautauqua County to vote for Ron and Lori so that we can improve the quality of life in Chautauqua County”