Silver Creek hires FEMA consultants, projects under way

SILVER CREEK – The Silver Creek Village Board decided hiring consultants could help the village attain the Federal Emergency Management Agency funding it was promised after the 2009 flood.

The board unanimously approved hiring Simmons Recovery Consultants to assist in the matter. Mayor Nick Piccolo said the fees associated with the service is also FEMA reimbursable.

“This is their specialty,” Piccolo said. “They have a good track record for things like this.”

Several FEMA reimbursable projects are underway at the department of public works building including roof replacement, installation of a grinder pump and a new infrared heating system.

The board also had to approve purchase of underlayment for the DPW roof at $3 per square foot. Piccolo said it was because they found the old underlayment was “completely deteriorated.”

Trustee Thomas Harmon asked about the sheriff’s contract, which will expire at the end of the year. Piccolo said Chautauqua County Sheriff Joseph Gerace has recommended a one-year extension with the original contract terms. He said although the county legislature had problems with the contract in the past, Gerace believes it was because some members were not clear on all of the “facts and figures” and believes it will pass in the legislature. He said Gerace will bring the contract to the public safety committee later in the month.

Piccolo said he also hopes to hear from Gerace on whether the sheriff’s would like to utilize the old Silver Creek Police department space. The sheriff’s outpost is currently held at the Hanover Town Hall.

Piccolo said there is more space at the village hall and the camera feed from the park is there. He said no matter the sheriff’s decision, the village intends to make a use of the space.

Village Judge Richard Saletta said he would like the space to be able to be used by the court clerk when he is not in the office in case of a dangerous situation. He said whether there is an agreement with the sheriff’s or not, this may still be an option for the safety of the court clerk.

The board held a public hearing on a local law to make fee schedule changes by resolution. There were no public comments and the local law was approved. Code Enforcement Officer Linda DeFries-Johnson has made recommendations for the fee schedule but the changes were not adopted at the meeting.

The board tabled a request for proposal for an audit.

It was reported that the water line replacement project is wrapping up for the winter. Trustee Warren Kelly said the contractor evened out the places where new lines were put in and a full restoration will have to wait for spring.

The board declared the DPW’s red pickup truck as excess equipment and will accept bids to be opened at its next meeting on Nov. 18.

Piccolo reminded residents leaf pickup has begun and that branches should not be put in leaf piles, but should be bundled or put in a container if they would like them picked up.

The board will hold an audit meeting Thursday at 7 p.m.

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