Do you know what you’re eating?

This is in reference to a letter in the OBSERVER (Oct. 14) headlined “Is the flu vaccine really safe for all?” It questions whether the baby, when born, should the baby receive its first flu shot? I will let you judge for yourself!

For myself, at the age of 77 years old and very healthy except for one problem! I became a victim of a chemical substance put in our food without knowing the name. It was Aspartame. I never knew it was in Nutrasweet. At that time, we were blessed, because radio station WDOE had a doctor on their show once a month. I told him about my problem and how I almost had a seizure! He said I toxiced my body with aspartame! He said remember that our body chemistry changes every month or so.

Aspartame is used to preserve your food and sodas. It’s used in anything that says salt-free, fat-free or sugar-free!

It’s in a number of products we use on a daily basis. What hurt me the most is that I had to stop chewing gum, because if you read the labels, there is not even one gum that does not have this in it. Sometimes they have different names for it. I wrote to the big gum makers.

October was breast cancer awareness month and turning on the television and seeing the color pink for breast cancer patients and their families makes you want to cry, and for us to find a way to conquer this awful disease.

I myself have family and friends with breast cancer. They claim it comes from our air pollutants. How about our food and other things we put in our bodies? And then we see on television how companies are using pink garments, and only a small chunk of the profits are given to breast cancer to find a cure.

Go online to “National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Building 31, Room 7A-50, 31 Center Drive, Bethesda, Maryland 20892 and telephone 301-496-5717 to voice your disapproval.

An article from 1986 headlined “Doctors call Nutrasweet a hazard.” Since that year, cancer has doubled, killing our children and other people. It is a plague.

I sent a letter to our First Lady, Michelle Obama, who seems to care so much about our children, but I never got an answer! Also a letter to Lisa Lefferts dated April 20, 2011 environmental health service, who held a big meeting in Washington, DC about our children’s health, food preservatives and getting the chemical sodium preservatives. They almost made it. But once again money talks and the Food and Drug Administration “FDA” are not protecting the people. This has to stop. With everyone’s help, we can do it!

Again thank you to the letter on the flu vaccine. We have to stop filling our bodies, especially our children with chemicals. We know for a lifetime that newborns are immune to many infections which is natural because of the mother’s immune system.

Thank you. God bless!

Valerie Pawlak is a Dunkirk resident.