Information lacking on city issues


I need some answers from this council in reference to the increase in our water rates; for instance, regarding improvements at the water treatment plant. How much money is involved? I need an amount from this council.

Also, how much improvement and monies are needed for the disposal plant. The basic water rates would not have to be increased if you used those monies from the $130,000 for the Dunkirk Free Library, which is only free for those who live in other communities and don’t pay taxes for that establishment. Our tax money should be used for more important departments such as the water and disposal plants, the city garage and other departments. Councilwoman Stacy Szukala doesn’t like the O.T. at the barns and the reason is they are short handed. The only way to get the jobs done is O.T. Why can’t she figure that out as well?

I am sick and tired of outsiders from other communities making comments and suggestions which is none of their business. Until they pay taxes in this city, keep your comments in your own community.

Finally I think that Szukala’s statement of O.T. as being ridiculous is also in that same category of being ridiculous. When is the last time she actually went to the barns to observe that operation?

Last but not least, those residents from Dunkirk and Fredonia who are brainwashed by the environmental groups who want to dismantle the NRG plant have lost touch with reality and are living in a dream world and that alone will destroy Dunkirk. What fools you are!