CIAO members and guests enjoy cooking with Chiara DeSanti

Recently 21 members of CIAO and guests were treated to a new adventure when they participated in a cooking class hosted by Chiara DeSanti.

Diners chopped onions, cut polenta, rubbed baguettes with garlic, prepared chocolate and exchanged conversation.

Bruschetta Toscana was served first. This appetizer consists of freshly prepared garlic and olive oil on a baguette.

This was followed by a dish of polenta and sausage-cooked polenta, Italian sausage and shredded parmesan cheese, hot from the oven.

The main course was pasta with scallions, pine nuts and Gorgonzola cheese. The student chefs chopped scallions and then cooked with them in olive oil. When the scallions were softened, pine nuts were added. Finally gorgonzola cheese was added to the hot mixture.

The prepared pasta was added to this mixture and dinner was ready.

For dessert, profiteroles were prepared. Although this dessert is originally from France, it is well known in Italy. Now Italians have embraced it as part of their tradition.

This rich dessert was prepared using already prepared cream puffs, (but you can certainly make your own). The cooks combined melted chocolate, butter and confectioner’s sugar. They then formed a cone shape with the cream puffs and poured the melted mixture over them. Yes, it was delicious.

Everyone enjoyed preparing and sharing the meal with lively conversation and traditional Italian refreshments.

CIAO welcomes new members. To join, it is not necessary to be Italian.

Anyone interested may call Sam Crisanti at 934-9378 to learn about the organization and the many activities planned.