Gowanda CS recognizes outstanding students

Gowanda Central School recognized its students of the month for October. The students were recognized in several different disciplines.?Teachers made the nominations.

Adam Vasquez – Grade 9 for technology

Adam was nominated by Tom Partridge. Adam is new to Gowanda. Some would have a hard time adjusting, but Adam is doing well in Technology. He’s polite, says thank you and gets his work done.

Adam’s interests revolve around boxing. He is not sure what his future holds but he does know that high school is his main priority. He would like people to know that the person that has influenced him the most is his older brother.

Austin Patterson – Grade 10 for visual arts

Austin was nominated fpr visual arts by Heather Rydzik. She nominated him this year because of his marked improvement in attitude, performance and determination. Austin was a talented artist last year, but this year he has been extremely focused on and dedicated to his artwork. Austin’s artwork this year is some of the best quality work in the drawing and painting class. Mrs. Rydzik expects him to win art awards this year if his determination and hard work continues.

Austin is both a football player and wrestler for the Panthers. His future plans include going to college and being successful. Austin’s advice to people is to give 100 percent in everything you do.

Chase Williams – Grade 12 for physical education.

Chase was nominated by Brian Denea because he exemplifies pride in PE by coming prepared to class, being respectful to others, and being involved in the units the class is covering. Chase shows excellence by going above and beyond what is expected of him in class.

Chase plays football, basketball and baseball and has done so over the last four years at GHS. After graduating he plans a career in criminal justice because the field interests him and he feels that he is capable of becoming a police officer someday. Chase would like people to know that hard work pays off in any aspect of life.

Jenna Grainer – Grade 12 for Panther pride

A student chosen for Panther PRIDE illustrates, on a daily basis, what being a panther means.prepared, respectful, involved, determined, and excellence. This month Jenna Grainer was the student selected.

Jenna is the president of the National Honor Society and the treasurer of student council. She participates in many of the school’s musicals and plays including the upcoming performance of Shrek. She is on the swim team, works as a lifeguard, and is very active in her church.

After graduation she is planning to attend college for paralegal studies because she has always been interested in the law. Her advice to students is to always try your best and never give up no matter what. It may seem hard at the time but it will be worth the effort in the long run.

Jordyn Lee – Grade 10 for Social Studies

Jordyn was nominated by Katherine Haim because Jordyn is a dedicated student in global studies 10. She is always ready to answer any questions, takes notes diligently, and is respectful to all of her classmates. She excels academically and achieves the highest grades on all of her tests, projects, and homework assignments. She cares about others and is kind to everyone in her class. She is a true global 10 all star!

Jordyn works on writing books and learning Japanese outside of school. After graduation she plans to attend college for either science or business. She would also like to own a music store. Jordyn’s advice to students is to avoid people who get in the way and focus on fulfilling your dreams. Let people make their own choices and don’t judge.

Kimberly Gernatt – Grade 11 for science

Kimberly was chosen by Emma Walsh. Kim comes to class prepared and ready to work hard. She exhibits the true meaning of an “exemplary student”. Kim stays focused and is driven to succeed in everything she does

Kim is a junior who has participated in every musical and play showcased at GHS over the last few years. She is on student council, is the junior class president and a member of SADD. Kim is also a student director of the middle school musical. She would like people to know that she is always willing to help and will be there to talk whenever anybody needs her.

Madeline Ackley – Grade 10 for Language

Madeline was nominated by Mrs. Barbara Dempsey because Madeline is attentive and on task in Spanish class. Her work is in on time, neatly done, and completed to perfection. Madeline is a quiet leader who is courteous to both her peers and her teachers. She is a great role model in both scholarship and deportment. !

Madeline is a member of the JV Volleyball team and a member of an all-star cheerleading team in Fredonia. After Madeline graduates she plans to enter the medical field in order to help children. Madeline’s grandparents have influenced her the most because they have taught her and encouraged her to always do her best so that she can reach her goals.

Riley Torres – Grade 11 for English language arts

Riley was nominated by Lauren Giancola. Riley is attentive in class, and kind and courteous to other students. Her work is first-rate; her writing shows careful planning and thought. Riley demonstrates Panther PRIDE each and every day in the classroom. With her work ethic, she is certain to have a successful future.

Trevor Greco – Grade 10 for mathematics

Trevor was nominated by Mr. Jim Reeves. Trevor always does his best in math class. He currently has a 98 average in Mr. Reeves’ Algebra 2 & Trigonometry class. Not content to just get by, Trevor asks for and does extra work to increase his understanding (and his grade, of course). He participates in class discussions, asks and answers questions and helps his fellow students understand problems. He is polite and friendly with other students and teachers, and he maintains a positive attitude in class at all times.

Trevor is a very busy sophomore at GCS. He plays basketball and runs track. He wows the audience in plays and musicals, is an active member of SADD and sings in an acapella group.

After high school he plans to attend college for mathematics, physics or chemistry and later to earn a Ph.D. After completion of his studies, he would like to teach at a university or work as a researcher. Right now, he sees his future as fluid and will decide on a profession when it ‘feels right’. Trevor’s advice is to take many classes; they can be fun and will help you no matter what career you choose. Learn as much as you can and read a dictionary every once in a while. You are bound to find something that you didn’t know in it.