Caring drivers need support


As a taxpayer and former bus driver I realize money has to be cut these days with our economy as it is, but I don’t quite agree with paying extra money to an outsider to come into our school district and start bashing our devoted bus drivers – most of whom only get 20 hours per week) and than start cutting their wages by eliminating bus runs and or times.

There must be other places to be able to save money within the school other than the transportation.

Our drivers are the first ones who see the children each day and most likely the last as they take them home. Our drivers are out there in all weather conditions, fog, rain, hail, snow, sunshine. Have you ever driven your own vehicle in a snowstorm when the wind is whipping the snow so badly you can’t see? Well just imagine having 60 – give or take – children of someone else’s and just hope and pray you’re getting them home safely.

There is more to being a bus driver than just driving a vehicle – it is called responsibility. Responsibility for taxpayer vehicles, responsibility for someone else’s children and responsibility of knowing the district, federal and state rules and regulations.

When you have someone come in and cause a disturbance within a hard working, caring group of drivers, it takes their attention off the safety of your children and the road. What is being paid to an outsider to cause a disturbance you might be better to leave what is working. Like I have always been told, “if it’s not broke, then don’t fix it.”

Yes, we are a farming community but bashing bus drivers for being farmers isn’t necessary from a supervisory level.



Big problems, little reward


Archbishop Fulton Sheen wrote truths in 1961 that are just as relevant today.

“Socialism is the antithesis of Christianity. It is urged by people who have lost faith in God and the power of their religion to motivate men, and who have resorted to government and coercive power of the state as a substitute.

“Christianity would allow each man to have the use of all he earns. This encourages capital expansion, greater production, more jobs, less poverty and increased well being. Christianity also teaches each man voluntarily to share the results of his success with those who are less fortunate.” – N.Y. Journal American, May 7, 1961.

Today, free enterprise has been retarded by the cronyism of big business and big government. Giant bureaucracies may have good intentions but the costs exceed the meager benefits.