Twenty years ago — 1993

At the annual meeting of Graf Realty Corp., Daniel P. Reininga was elected president. He replaces Perry F. Reininga who has been with the company since 1958 and will remain in an advisory capacity. Graf Realty Corp. was founded in 1941 by George H. Graf and Lester A. Graf, who also owned George H. Graf and Co., a furniture business founded in 1898. The store was sold in 1981. Unlike most real estate companies, Graf Realty does not sell real estate. The company is involved in the development, investment and management of real estate, most of which is located in Dunkirk and Fredonia.

Thirty years ago – 1983

Dr. John Glenzer of Fredonia became the first Republican in history to be elected Chautauqua County executive, defeating Democrat Robert L. Barber of Jamestown by almost 4,000 votes in what was billed as “the battle of the college professors.” At the same time, county Comptroller Joseph Lepkowski of French Creek kept the office he won four years ago by again defeating Legislature Clerk W. Ray Hall by some 5,000 votes.

Forty years ago – 1973

More than 300 New York State Jaycees and their wives have registered at the Holiday Inn on Bennett Road, Fredonia for the annual Distinguished Service Awards convention, a two-day event being held in the village.

Fifty years ago – 1963

The construction of a supper club on Route 5 opposite Shorewood Country Club golf course began this morning. Formerly The Meadows, a drive-in restaurant, the Dunkirk site belongs to C. W. Messina of Silver Creek and is being patterned after the Van Buren Bay Inn which was destroyed by fire. Mr. Messina also owns the Messina Lumber Co., Silver Creek and the Messina Motel on Routes 5 and 20 just outside the village.