County Executive-Elect Horrigan announces transition team

Fulfilling one of his campaign promises, County Executive-Elect Vince Horrigan, has named his transition team.

“The purpose of this transition team is to provide an external, non-partisan assessment of Chautauqua County government strengths, weaknesses and opportunities and provide recommendations to improve Chautauqua County service delivery and economic development,” explained Horrigan. “To that end, the following community members have agreed to serve in this important role,” he continued: John Jay Warren, Northern Chautauqua County Local Economic Development Committee; Dr. Gregory DeCinque, JCC past president; Dr. Sue McNamara, SUNY @ Fredonia business professor; Mike Roberts, President and CEO of Allied Alarm Services Inc.; Dr. Lillian Ney, Jamestown Strategic Planning and Partnerships Commission; Tory Irgang, Executive Director, United Way of Southern Chautauqua County; Aaron Resnick, Westfield Development Corporation; and Kelly Borrello, Town of Hanover Chamber of Commerce

Horrigan went on to explain that the team will interview representatives of manufacturing, tourism, agriculture, retail, health care and technology-related businesses. They will interview representatives of academics, not-for-profits, foundations, local governments, and faith-based groups as deemed necessary. They will also review current plans, budgets and policies. And finally, they will provide an assessment of current Chautauqua County strengths and weaknesses, identifying future near-term opportunities for growth and make recommendations for implementation during the next four years.

“I am delighted that these accomplished community leaders have agreed to take on this important task to assist me as I prepare to take office on January 1st,” Horrigan said.