Not voting is ‘irresponsible’


I was disturbed by the number of people I spoke with recently who chose not to vote on Election Day last week. It was an insult to the veterans who fought for our right to vote for our leaders, be they national, local or regional.

You have no right to complain if you do not participate. And the consequences of allowing other people to steer your community’s fate is irresponsible as a citizen. For those of you who chose not to vote, please take the time to explore the issues; no government can “create” new jobs, but they can nurture an environment where entrepreneurs can flourish, thereby creating new opportunities for jobs and economic growth.

Make sure the people who are elected are serving you and your community’s best interest – no matter what the party.

Whether you believe it or not, especially on a local, regional and statewide basis, your vote does count and is important for a quality life for you and your children.