Silver Creek Sunshine Singers presents ‘Alice in Wonderland’

SILVER CREEK – Members of the Silver Creek Elementary School Sunshine Singers will present the Disney Youth musical “Alice in Wonderland” in the Silver Creek District auditorium at 7 p.m. on Wednesday and Thursday next week.

The story features the singing and acting talents of 33 fourth- and fifth-graders in this popular musical portrait of the Lewis Carroll classic.

The story describes the wild adventures of Alice as she defends her journey “through the looking glass” at a trial presided over by the powerful Queen of Hearts. With the assistance of the White Rabbit, Alice tells of her encounters with an ensemble of whimsical characters, and some very well-known songs are performed. Selections include “Alice in Wonderland,” “I’m Late, I’m Late,” “How Do You Do, and Shake Hands” and “The Unbirthday Song.”

The production will be repeated in an in-school assembly for elementary students at 9 a.m. on Friday, Nov. 22 and the cast will also travel to St. Columban’s Retirement Home in Silver Creek that same afternoon to perform for the residents.

The musical is directed and accompanied by Daniel L. Bromsted, elementary choral director, and represents his 19th elementary musical for the school.

Featured performers include Amanda Roth (Alice), Jacob Helmer (the White Rabbit), Alina Beadle (the Queen of Hearts), Austin Manning (the King of Hearts), Noah Wiltsie (the Cheshire Cat), Gabriel Metzger (the Caterpillar), Katie Castiglia and Kaytlyn Killock (Tweedledee and Tweedledum), Joseph Bowers (the Mad Hatter), Tabitha Shevlin (the March Hare) and Ella Monaco (the Dormouse). Appearing as the birds are Amanda Ippolito (Dodo), Autumn Ellis (Owl), Cynthia Schwab (Parrot) and MaLani Eldridge (Toucan). The flowers are led by Morgan Lewis (Rose) and include Tessa Brunner, Ellen Decker, Brooklyn Karcz, Alley Miller, Yanna Mott, Emma Romanik, Adriana Rosati, Nicole Tampio and Crystal Tirone.

The cast also features the Card Chorus of Hearts, and includes Alex Bass, Ethan Cross, Rory Dillon, Daniel Edwards, Allison Gloss, Owen Hastings, Matthew Kehrer and Jordan Sweda.

Costumes for the production were created by Bonnie Bromsted and Maria Manning, with assistance from Annette Monaco. Properties and stage decorations were secured by Alberta Roth, with assistance from Patricia Tirone and Cassandra Mott, as well as art teacher Denise Williams. Kevin Rice is acting as the sound and lighting crew advisor, with lighting and sound design by high school student Trevor Cole. Posters were created by Katie Cross and programs were designed by Tina Hastings. Set pieces were created by Terry Karcz and the cast photographer is Marianne Bowers, who also created a picturesque lobby display for the musical.

There is a small admission fee for both evening performances to help defray production costs. The public is cordially invited to attend this exciting and colorful musical event.