Fredonia water users need to conserve Sunday

Village of Fredonia water customers are being asked to conserve water on Sunday.

Village officials announced Tuesday that the treatment plant will be down Sunday to allow for the replacement of a pump at the plant.

“We’ll have Dunkirk on call just in case we need to fire up the Dunkirk connection,” Village Administrator Rick St. George said during the village board’s workshop session Tuesday. “This is a Sunday. I’ll let the board know, I already let (the Sunday on-duty operator) know, that if he has to turn on that pump over there between Fredonia and Dunkirk that we need to notify the board first. He’s aware of that. They estimate it could take anywhere between eight and 10 hours to install the equipment, so we’ll be offline for that long working off the tank.”

Department of Public Works Supervisor Jack Boland said the work will start in the morning but wasn’t sure of an exact time.

“We won’t be able to make water at the plant. We’ll have 300,000 gallons, approximately, available from the clear well at the plant. We’ll have 800,000 gallons available at the tank on Webster Road, but that’s all we’ll have,” Boland stated. “We won’t have the capability of making more water during the process of the upgrade at the plant, so any conservation would absolutely help.”

Mayor Stephen Keefe said it could take up to 10 hours to get the job completed.

“We’re just asking people to cut back on water usage as much as they reasonably can. What we’ll be doing is we’ll be pulling a pump out and replacing that pump,” he explained.