Forestville: You get what you overpay for

It is almost ironic.

For years, the previous elected Forestville officials were paying their attorney more than $50,000 annually for legal advice of some sort – we do not know what since he was not in attendance at numerous meetings – while haphazardly running the rest of the village. In the process, a building demolition that occurred in 2009 and cost $247,000 must be paid off by 2014.

The attorney when this occurred? Michael Bolender. The same Michael Bolender who accrued more than $220,000 in salary while offering legal advice over his last four years, including 2009, of service to the village.

In 2013, that legal advice of the past has turned into a bad deal for current Forestville residents. A tax increase to cover the demolition expenses now gets passed on to the taxpayers.

Previous board members defended Bolender’s high pay in the past. It is extremely hard for us to even consider doing the same.