Silver Creek requests police services for ’14

MAYVILLE – It was a busy Wednesday night at the Gerace Office Building.

Several agenda items were brought before the Public Safety Committee for approval at next week’s County Legislature meeting.

The village of Silver Creek has requested that the Chautauqua County Sheriff’s Office continue to provide enhanced police services within the geographical boundaries of the village for 2014.

Quarterly payments would be made to the county in the amount of $94,413 for four full-time employees and two-part time positions to cover shifts.

In June, enhanced services were authorized for the village for the remainder of the year due to officers leaving the village for better jobs and advancement opportunities, according to Nick Piccolo, Silver Creek mayor.

“The work that’s been done by the sheriff is really making a difference,” Bob Duff, R-Forestville, said of the services provided in 2013.

“Operation Jumping Fish” was also brought before the committee whereas the United States Marshals Service will provide grant funding in the amount of $4,384.80 for local agencies to keep in check with high-level sex offenders.

“I’m sure a lot of parents will breathe easy, knowing that (Operation Jumping Fish) is out there,” said PJ Wendel, R-Ellicott.

Moving forward, a tentative agreement was approved with Erie 2 BOCES in the amount of $35,257 for educational services to eligible inmates housed at the county jail.

BOCES funds the program, which teaches inmates culinary skills to use when released.

Lastly, attorney Ned Barone came before the committee to propose the relocation of Chautauqua County Family Court division’s offices from the Gerace Office Building (where it pays $5,500 per year in rent) to the former Mayville High School, which was renovated as the new Family Court building.

Rent for offices at the new building would cost $700 per month with utilities included, and would be fully paid for by grant funding from the state’s Office of Indigent Legal Services.

“The real issue is the process,” County Executive Greg Edwards said of the move. “There’s a process we need to go through. When a department wants to move, a discussion must take place prior to the resolution.”

Edwards agreed that the move makes sense, but said further analysis is needed in terms of technology, upkeep of the facility and contractual requirements.

The proposed move will be brought before the legislature in December, whereas the other resolutions will be discussed next Wednesday at November’s legislature meeting at 6:30 p.m. in the Gerace Office Building in Mayville.