Shakespeare Club considers collaboration and creativity

The Fredonia Shakespeare Club met recently for its fifth regular meeting of the 2013-2014 year at the home of Mrs. Homer Garretson. Club President Mrs. Robert Woodbury presided.

In accordance with the theme for the year “Creativity & the Spark of Genius,” Dr. Minda Rae Amiran presented her paper entitled, “Poet to Poet: Creativity Spurred by Another,” which she summarized as follows:

Edward Thomas and William Butler Yeats were both searching for a 20th-century, modernist, speaking voice in their work when they met Robert Frost and Ezra Pound, respectively, and as a result of the intensely committed commentary of those outsiders, entered into a period of great creativity. We think of creativity as something from within, but these instances show that it may be aroused from without.

Dr. Amiran’s talk stimulated much discussion with many opportunities for new insights. Mrs. Garrettson was assisted at the tea table by Mrs. Brian Woods.

At the next meeting of the club, to be held at the home of Dr. Amiran, Mrs. William Larson will present her paper on Coco Chanel.