Hunting safety tips for deer season

The New York State Police remind everyone that regular firearm deer hunting season opens Saturday.

There will be an increase of hunters heading out to the woods and parks looking for the best spots to find wild game.

“Every year the news is full of hunting accidents; to prevent or decrease these accidents from happening, hunter’s need to use common sense,” said Major Michael Cerretto.

Some hunting regulations include:

Hunter Safety

Wear bright orange hunting clothing so you will be visible to other hunters.

Let your family and friends know when and where you are hunting and what time you should be expected back at home.

Check your equipment, especially tree stands for functionality. Make sure your stand, whether built or store bought is sturdy and strong, and wear a safety belt.

Be aware of your location, carry a compass, flashlight and cell phone in the event you become lost. It is also important to know your surroundings to avoid trespassing on other adjacent properties.

Carry your hunting license and remember to display your hunting tag.

Firearm Safety

Treat every gun as if it is loaded. Be sure to always point the muzzle in a safe direction away from people.

Keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot.

Make sure your safety is always on and that the barrel is pointing down when you are walking with or transporting your gun.

Make sure that you are certain of your target before you take your shot; ensure that you are shooting at an animal and not a human. Don’t forget to look well beyond your target, high powered ammunition can travel up to a mile.