Forestville receives water project update

FORESTVILLE – Things are moving along with Forestville’s water project, according to Deputy Mayor Kevin Johnson.

Johnson gave an update on the project at the village board’s recent meeting.

He said Academy Street and Park Place are now in service. He reported that the school had experienced some issues with brown water, so they flushed a hydrant. He said if this does not solve the problem, then the issue is the old pipes inside the school.

Johnson said crews will continue working until the ground is frozen.

Two items set before the board were a change order and an alternate to the project.

He explained both were at the recommendation of the engineers at Clark Patterson Lee and are contingent on approval by New York State Environmental Facilities Corporation, the funding agency for the project.

The change order, which was awarded to J.D. Northrup, will replace the 4-inch lines in the mall along Main Street as well as directional drilling, restoration and new curb stops. Johnson said a short section of water lines along the Tavern on the Mall side of the street was replaced, but the 4-inch line is “in bad shape.” This will cost $59,292.

The alternate project will run 8-inch water lines along Pearl and Lodi streets and was awarded to J.D. Northrup at a cost of $554,805.

“If we approve these now, then we can save money because the contractor can purchase the materials now instead of next year. Prices only go up each year,” Johnson said.

Both items were unanimously approved.

Johnson said he is also working on creating a water district on Bennett State Road, but has been held up “playing phone tag,” in trying to find out what has already been done on the matter.

The board also authorized the Cherry Creek Sno-Goers to use village land with the restriction that no trees be removed from the path.

The fire department’s constitution and bylaws were approved. It was explained the constitution and bylaws are amended by members every year and approved by the board.

The village will meet again on Nov. 26 at 7 p.m.