Stockton to get new trucks

STOCKTON- The Stockton Town Board discussed the possibility of buying new plow trucks for the end of the year at this week’s meeting.

Highway Superintendent Aaron Burnett spoke in detail about the possibility of getting new plow trucks for a reasonable price. The elected officials plan on spending less on these trucks than they did on the last ones. If the board buys them before the end of November then it will not have to pay the 4 percent increase.

“Anything we tweak on the trucks won’t cost us anything,” he said.

Burnett said now the board will only have to write one check for everything.

“It will be less of a headache,” he added.

Board Member Allen Chase is concerned they will not be able to find drivers.

“Nowadays it is harder to find people who want to drive; an automatic is just one less thing you have to do,” Chase said about using standard trucks.

The board appointed Amy Ames as court clerk for the start of next year.

Also, Mark Cunningham has been elected judge for Jan. 1. Cunningham said he believes his transition to judge will go smoothly.

“We will keep doing business like we have for 30 years,” Cunningham said.

Board Member John Beichner said he appreciates Cunningham “jumping in” and hopes for a “seamless transition.”

The board officials talked about having the lighting contest this year, which will involve lighting the town tree. The tree will be ready for the contest after Thanksgiving. During the contest there will be prizes given out. Stockton will donate $25 and solicitate businesses to offer gift certificates. Winners will be announced the week before Christmas.

Supervisor David Wilson and Council Member Beichner went over the plans for a new fence for the park. This is part of the springtime projects scheduled for next year.

The elected officials proudly mentioned that since Allen Chase has been in charge of the budget planning there has been no debt. They have been debt-free since 1999.

In the financial report they discussed the sales tax will not go up and town board salaries will not change.