Chautauqua County’s got talent!

I have an idea that can be very beneficial for all of Chautauqua County. We can interest people on the outskirts of the county to come on in and look us over. Hopefully, they’ll buy gas and eat somewhere.

I got the idea while I was watching a talent show. I watch a lot of them and they are popular with all age groups. There is a lot of research to be done and a lot of contacting. First find out how many schools we have in the county for two reasons. They have big auditoriums where talent shows can be held, and secondly, there’s a lot of talent in the schools. But these shows would be open to all age groups. Talent is talent. There have to be committees in every section so that contestants can call for interviews. Judges have to be selected. There can be reasonable charges that will provide prize money and the rest can go to expenses to help winners who can go to bigger opportunities. Let’s say they can interview with talent shows by way of computer. If they get chosen, we can help them with expenses.

Last night I watched “X Factor.” They had kids on there who were teenagers and they were fantastic! Then they had a group over 25 years old.

Now what kinds of talent are we looking for? I suppose vocalists would be the biggest number. Let’s keep in mind we can have duets or larger groups too. We can have instrumentalists, too. They can be soloists or in bands. We can have all kinds of dancers ranging from solo dancers to larger groups. We can have acrobats, comedians, you name it. There could be talents we haven’t even thought of. It will be open to all age groups.

During the “play-offs” we can have three winners from three schools compete. The winner of that competition can move on to compete with winners from other schools. We won’t know how to divide them until we know how many schools we have.

How about SUNY Fredonia? There’s a lot of talent there.

Let’s liven up this area. Let’s get people talking about us. Show them that we’re alive and a great place to live for any age!

Maybe there’s a group that works for the county and has organizational skills that can take the lead. There are a lot of volunteers out there, too.

I know I was fortunate to sing and tap dance with an amateur group. I think I can still recognize talent when I see it and I’m willing to help. I can’t do the physical stuff, but I can organize and I can think.

When you contact people and schools, get their names, addresses, email addresses and telephone numbers. Someone has to keep records.

It has to be decided when you want these competitions to take place. Will the weather be a problem in winter? If so, you can conduct your research over the winter and then the performances can take place in spring and summer. We have a lot going on in the summer, though, so maybe spring or fall would be better. Our falls are beautiful! The committee could make those decisions.

Also, you can have competitive races for bicycles and motorcycles. Think about using Lake Erie for competitions. You can have canoe races, swimming races, and what else? Let’s look at what we have. Look at all the tourist business we get from snowmobiles! When I think of people coming from England to fly fish, it’s unbelievable! Let’s expand on that. If we can’t do the things we’d like to do, let’s do the things we can do. Let’s be practical. I’m just wondering. How did people from England find out about the fly fishing? Is the good news being spread to the rest of the world? Let’s think big! I have some knowledgeable people investigating this possibility. As soon as we meet and I have news for you, I’ll put it in the column. Communication is vital. We’ve got to be active in the network.

Last week a good friend of mine who is a Bible scholar told me about some new awareness she has concerning the Lord’s Prayer. It’s the part that says “and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.” She had never noticed the significance of that. I have always added the proportion of forgiveness to us is in direct proportion to our forgiveness to others. In others we’re praying for a blessing or a curse on ourselves! But here again – we have choices. And really forgiving someone is not so hard when you feel the relief of letting it go. When I think that the Lord’s Prayer is the only prayer he gave us, we should take it very seriously.

I added this because there are a lot of churches that say the Lord’s Prayer. And even if you don’t say it it’s good advice. We never stop learning and if I think of anything that helps me out, I’ll pass it on so you can try it. Sharing can be so rewarding!

Have a great life!