Persia holds public hearings on proposed local laws

PERSIA – During two public hearings, residents in the town of Persia voiced their opinions on overriding the tax levy limit and a proposed animal control law.

Resident Bob Fields asked the town board if the town can control how many dogs are owned per person. He also said dogs should not be allowed to walk on town sidewalks due to the animals defecating and urinating on the sidewalk. Mary Dankert, dog control officer, said the town cannot stop residents from walking their dogs on the town sidewalks. She also said there is no limit within the town on number of dogs that can be owned, but said if the dogs are not on leashes, do not have licenses or are defecating on property, to contact her. A description of the dog and the owner’s address is useful when calling, she said.

Other residents had questions regarding loose cows and dogs. Dankert said for loose dogs residents should contact her directly and sign a complaint. She said since cows tend to get out, she will call the resident first before filing a complaint. However, if the issue becomes persistent, she will issue tickets to the owner.

Moving into the override of the tax levy, resident Ron Clabeaux said the town should not be helping with Gateway Park in the village and questioned if the park had any influence on the town’s budget. Highway Superintendent Dan Ackley said he believes the end product will be worth the town’s effort. The village will help the town with mowing and any other services needed.

The override of the tax levy is necessary due to the village eliminating an assessor and dog control officer from its budget, requiring the town to incur those expenses. Worker’s compensation has also been put in the budget, which is causing budget increases. Both proposed local laws passed unanimously by the board.

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