Sheridan accepts bid for courthouse project

SHERIDAN – Town officials are hoping for work on courthouse and office renovations to the former St. John Bosco Church building to begin by Jan. 1.

During a recent regular meeting, the Sheridan Town Board voted unanimously to accept a project bid from Edward Cope of Cope Builders for a total of $51,948.

The scope of the project work entails wall framing, a jury box, concrete ramps, landings, gypsum walls and ceilings, doors and windows.

Before voting, Council-woman Amy Farnham brought up a concern regarding other contractors interested in the project that did not submit bids.

“I talked with them and told them the timeframe issue, that we wanted to get this going,” Councilman Richard Feinen said. “One thought the timeframe (of 45 days to complete it after a notice to proceed is given) was too narrow to bid on it. They had other jobs going that they didn’t feel they could bid on this one, then. They just had other commitments, that was part of it. The option was there for them, though.”

The board agreed it would be in the best interests of the town to sit down with Cope Builders and discuss all the expectations of the project before work officially begins.

A second bid for the renovation project came in from S.A. Industries USA for a total of $109,000.

Also during the meeting, the board approved a motion to allow the B. imPressed Asbestos Abatement Corp. in Forestville to remove all the asbestos floor tiles within the church building for a cost of $11,800.

The asbestos must be removed from the flooring before renovations can begin.

A permit from New York state must be acquired by the asbestos company first before removal can begin. Town Clerk Julie Szumigala said the town hopes for that work to be completed in December.

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