Hair today … Gone in Forestville

FORESTVILLE – The Forestville Elementary gym became a charitable place filled with the loud cheers of excited students.

The Fifth Annual “Bald For Bucks” and “Locks Of Love” took place Friday from 1 p.m. to nearly 3 and was a huge success.

This year 36 students, five of them being girls, two fathers, and two teachers went “Bald For Bucks,” and five girls, along with two teachers are having their hair cut for Locks Of Love. Ally Van Vlack, GraceAnn Rebmann and Lauryn Pierce not only donated to “Locks Of Love,”but also shaved their heads for “Bald For Bucks.”

Coordinators Jennifer Dunn, reading teacher and Katherine Wyrobek, fourth-grade teacher started the event with some upbeat music booming through the speakers and a couple uplifting speeches about how important it is for these students to participate in this event.

Wyrobek said she is happy about how the event panned out. “(It was) excellent, we have an outstanding amount of participation from these kids, and a ton of support from parents and the community,” she said “It’s amazing what this small community does at benefits.”

Dunn said she started the “Locks Of Love” about eight years ago and for the past couple of years they are now doing “Bald For Bucks” as well, so the boys can participate too.

“Then it exploded and the kids really rallied,” Dunn said.

Dunn donates her own hair to “Locks Of Love” and “feels great” doing it every year.

“It’s a good cause,” she said ” You grow your hair for those who can’t.”

Locks Of Love takes all the donated hair and makes wigs for children who can’t afford to buy them.

Event Coordinator for Roswell Park Hospital Jay Josker attended the Forestville Elementary “Bald For Bucks” event for the first time this year.

“I love it, it’s cool getting up in the morning and being able to go to work knowing that you are going to make a change,” Josker said about working at Roswell.

Forestville Elementary presented Josker with a check for over $5,000 of funds raised for the “Bald For Bucks” program.

“It’s amazing to see how much kids really give into the program and the support they get from their friends and family to come out here and shave their heads in support for cancer research,” Josker said.

Roswell thanked students by handing out purple “Bald For Bucks” shirts and congratulations certificates to all those who participated.

The grand total raised by Forestville Elementary this year for cancer research is $5,684.

Roswell’s goal is to raise a million dollars a year and so far they have raised $700,000.

Josker said he believes that communities like Forestville get Roswell that much closer to their goals.

“I can’t tell you how much we appreciate it and how much it means to us,” Josker said.

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