Town of Terror Contest winners announced

ASHVILLE – October was a whirlwind for participants in the second annual Town of Terror Contest at the Children’s Safety Village in Ashville. Businesses such as K-Mart, Z & M Ag and Turf, Rudyz Pizza, along with teams of family members and friends battled to decorate and host the most terrifying building in the village. Participants spent several days and some weeks, decorating their building with various themes.

Winners for this event were: first place: The Massacred Misfits led by Team Captain Livi Laska and family, winning $1,000; second place: John Deere House of Terror, led by Dawn Samuelson of Grandview Farms, her family, friends and partners with Z & M Ag and Turf, winning $500; third place: Krypt Mart, led by Alyce Inglesby, manager of K-Mart, her family and staff, winning $250. Trophies were awarded to all participants, which included Vicky Krug and friends of the Gouhlish Corridor; John Noe, owner of Rudyz Pizza, along with his staff and marketing manage Nichole Osman; Cindy Orlando of The Witches and Logan and David Price of Moonlight Fright Night. This event would not have been possible with out the help of our sponsors and friends from Tim Hortons, Cummins, Rudyz Pizza and Media One Group.

“The teams worked really hard and put so much effort into decorating their buildings. It was fun to see the buildings evolve,” said Terri Kindberg, executive director of the Children’s Safety Village. “They were hauling in corn stalks, bales of hay, drainage pipes, mirrors and all sorts of items. The end product was amazing to see. I was shocked at what they had done and the amount of talent that was involved. They not only decorated the buildings but also had characters who played a role in scaring the guests who dared to enter. The participants went to great lengths to create costumes to match their theme, as well.”

Winning team captain Laska said, “My entire family had a great time participating in this event. We had such a great time and loved the fact that it was helping the Safety Village, as well. We are already planning for next year.”

“This was truly a dedicated team. They met several times at the Safety Village to continue to perfect their building and it showed. They are very deserving of first place,” Kindberg said.

The second place team was a combination of family and friends from Grandview Farms and Z & M Ag and Turf. Their building required guests to crawl through a dark building with hay bales, ramps and cobwebs while creatures surprised them around every corner.

“We are gearing up for our next event in two weeks which is the Winter Wonderland Craft Show, November 23 and 24 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.,” Kindberg said

Guests may shop door to door among the miniature buildings in the Village. There will be pictures with Santa, kids crafts, food and beverages for sale, cotton candy, train rides, live music and much more for the whole family to enjoy. The cost is $3. Children 12 and under are free.