City park work gets praise


I would like to compliment Tony Gugino, city Department of Public Works director and the Parks Department for their work on Memorial Park.

Recently, the crew placed new lighting for the Prisoner of War and Missing In Action monument.


past Veterans of Foreign Wars county commander

Do not judge by religion


I have no problem with Chautauqua County clerk-elect Larry Barmore’s comment about thanking his Lord and Savior and the folks who voted for him. I will give him credit for what he said. However, there are people within the Republican Party – and especially newspaper editors and certain commentators who lean toward the Republican Party – who on occasion hint that Democrats are not as Christian oriented.

I am a registered Democrat who crosses party lines on occasion. I take exception to those that imply Democrats are not Christian. There is a country music song that ends something like this: “Lord, when it comes time to judge me, take a look at these hard working hands.” I believe I am a Christian but I believe God will be the judge of that.

We are a nation of several religions. I want to share with you a personal experience I had several years ago. From August 1953 to January 1955 I served in Linz, Austria as an Army M.P. During part of that time Platoon Sgt. 1st Class Haber – a Jew – proved it’s not necessary to “judge anyone’s religion.”

There were only 12 in our squad and we represented all races, creeds and colors. In 1954, during the holiday season – because of our differences – Sergeant Haber invited six of us to his quarters for Thanksgiving with him and his wife and the other six at Christmas (or near Christmas). I was a Thanksgiving guest. Call his action what you will but I call that the mark of a Christian. He, as a Jew, honored each of us regardless of our religion.


South Dayton