Silver Creek mayor calls for hospital’s sale

OBSERVER Staff Report

Silver Creek Mayor Nick Piccolo is imploring the Lake Erie Regional Health System of New York board of directors to “do the right thing” and sell the Lake Shore Health Care Center rather than closing it.

Piccolo’s letter, in today’s OBSERVER, is in response to the comments made last week by Lake Erie Regional Health System Chairman Chris Lanski. Lanski last week announced to residents the future of Brooks Memorial Hospital was “vibrant.” Piccolo, however, takes exception to the lack of mention of the Lake Shore facility.

“Why doesn’t he mention the number of people who have been stabilized and made comfortable for transport to other facilities?” Piccolo wrote regarding the Nov. 10 item. “Most importantly, why didn’t he acknowledge the care that is provided through the emergency room and other departments within the hospital that have been responsible for saving the lives of many, many people in this community?”

Last month, the Lake Erie Regional Health System announced it would close the Lake Shore facility on Jan. 31. Since then, one offer from local businessman Anthony Borrello has emerged to purchase the facility for $11 million.

That offer was turned down.

Lake Shore is expected to run a $7 million deficit this year.

Piccolo’s complete comments are on Page A7 today.