Working backs are starting to break

I think by now we, as taxpayers, are just about fed up with the welfare system and the benefits these people receive. They are treated better than our senior citizens who had worked their whole lives and paid taxes until they retired, some on a small income with no benefits at all.

There are liberal groups such as The New York Times that are against any type of revisions in the give-away programs, calling it an attempt to destroy the poor people.

But who are the poor people? They are the people who have to buy their own benefits, buy their own groceries, pay for their own children, buy their own cars and gas, buy their own homes and pay their taxes so the other poor people, who don’t pay taxes, don’t work or have to do anything to improve their own life.

Generations of these people constantly live off of the taxpayers every day, even the poor taxpayers who don’t even come close to enjoying life like the free-loaders do.

Besides the free cell phones and the other freebies they receive, they are now receiving free college for their kids while the poor taxpayers have to take out loans not only for their own kids but also for the free-loaders’ kids. Is that fair New York Times?

That paper is out of touch with reality. Let’s continue on for the free-loaders and what they also receive. Believe it or not, they are entitled to Social Security checks even when they are not eligible in age. Now the good part is they are also entitled to file income tax reports and receive tax returns on the same money they have taken from the taxpayers.

How in God’s name are they entitled to receive any money back which did not belong to them in the first place? This is taxpayers’ money, not theirs.

It doesn’t pay to be a taxpayer if we are going to be treated like this. These people are sending us all to the poor house and no one cares.

More people who I talk to are very upset over this give-away system called welfare. It has gotten out of hand and there is no end in sight.

My last comment is: Why is Social Security disability in the same program as regular Social Security? It should be two separate programs. They are not the same.

Richard Makuch is a Dunkirk resident.