Cassadaga Valley: Reaping reward from scandal

What happened last week in the Cassadaga Valley Central School District is surreal.

Two educators placed in charge of overseeing teachers and students are either out or on leave. Two people, placed in management positions, have left a district with a black eye.

Cassadaga Valley’s administration is reeling.

Worse is the two, who must be in the wrong, are being rewarded for foolish actions. Former Superintendent Scott Smith agreed to some separation agreement in resigning while Principal Tara DiDomenico is being paid while on leave.

Why would two tied to questionable actions be rewarded? Welcome to the public sector, where poor decisions may cost you a job, but also pad your pockets.

The district’s school board, however, is deserving of credit for its quick decision and its revealing statement following a meeting last Tuesday night. “The Board of Education tonight approved and accepted the resignation of superintendent of schools Scott Smith, which followed the district’s consideration of circumstances that arose relating to Mr. Smith’s interactions with another district employee,” the statement read, later noting that an agreement was also made with DiDomenico.

School board officials made a tough choice even though district taxpayers should not be on the hook for decisions made by those who work for a community.

What an embarrassment.