SUNY Fredonia Enactus Team awarded grant

Still in the very early stages of development, SUNY Fredonia’s Enactus group, the Art Shack, has made great strides. It has been recently awarded $1,500 in a project partnership with Walmart. Its Women’s Economic Empowerment Project Partnership stems from the challenges faced by female students and community artisans trying to display, sell and market their work to make a sustaining wage from their talents.

The Art Shake team has come together to lend their expertise toward developing a creative place where artisans thrive, influence innovations and create a community that can hold on to young professionals. There are four components that can fulfill this need. Retail space, an e-commerce site, workshops and follow-up consultations.

A breakdown of the team was established in order to accomplish all four components. One group is in the process of developing workshops and consultative agendas in the areas of marketing, social media, bookkeeping, e-commerce and pricing. Another group is working to establish the e-commerce site and identify legal issues to solve. Finally, the “pricing” team will benchmark competitors, as well as determine relative pricing strategies for artisans’ work.

Development on a marketing campaign, along with advertising to the community for the launch of the e-commerce site, will begin once the preliminary work is finished.

The Art Shake retail and e-commerce site is anticipated in January 2014. Workshops and consultations will begin in November 2013.

For more information about Enactus’s partnership with Walmart’s Women’s Economic Empowerment Project, please visit For more information about SUNY Fredonia Enactus, contact Dr. Sue McNamara