Board of Elections gives updated counts in four races

MAYVILLE – The Board of Elections hand counted absentee, affidavit and un-scanned ballots today in four local county elections that were too close on election night Nov. 5 to determine the winners. The Board of Elections expects to certify all county election winners on Wed. Nov 27, according to Election Commissioners Norman P. Green and Brian C. Abram.

There were four close elections with hand counted paper ballots added to the totals today.

In the Hanover Town Justice race, incumbent Republican Hanover Town Justice Richard J. Saletta, the election night leader, is the unofficial winner after Monday’s count over Democrat Edward C. Schintzius, 738-684.

The Gerry Highway Superintendent race saw an incumbent lose. Republican Brian T. Anderson, the election night leader, following Monday’s count is the unofficial winner over incumbent Highway Superintendent Mark A. Risley, 331-308. The two had faced off in a September Republican primary. Risley remained on the November ballot as the Independence Party candidate.

There were two Jamestown City Council races that had ballots counted Monday.

In Ward 1, former GOP Councilman Brent P. Sheldon, the election night leader, is the unofficial winner over former Democratic County Legislator Tara R. Hall, 356-344.

In the Ward 3 race, 14 ballots were objected to and set aside for three days. The ballots will be counted on Friday, barring any judicial action. Republican Tamara M. Dickey, the election night leader, following Monday’s count continues to lead over Democrat Regina L. Brackman, 225-221.

The Board of Elections will be counting all absentee and affidavit county ballots using its newly acquired high speed paper ballot counter. Un-scanned ballots will also be manually entered and added to the grand totals. Winners will receive certification of the results.