Best of the best in volleyball

The Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Athletic Association has announced its girls volleyball all-star teams. At top left are the Division 1 East first-team all-stars. From left are co-most valuable players McKenna Maycock of Randolph and Sara Crandall of Cattaraugus-Little Valley, Shaina Griffin of Portville, Allison Watson of Allegany-Limestone, Taylor Lee of Portville, Ashlee Harvey of Cattaraugus-Little Valley, Lauren Ruffner of Allegany-Limestone, Cierra Farmer of Randolph and Mackensie Yanetsko of Olean. The second-team selections are Madalyn Simon of Portville, Jessica Pritchard of Cattaraugus-Little Valley, Melanie Hudson of Allegany-Limestone, Alexis Terrette of Randolph, Natalie Booth of Cattaraugus-Little Valley, Kate Huselstein of Olean and Hillary Clinger of Randolph. Honorable mention selections are Emily Smith of Olean, Miranda Gross of Randolph, Lindsey Chase of Randolph, Zoe Mahler of Olean, Raechel Rowley of Portville, Destiney Portlow of Olean, Cameron McCracken of Portville and Katelyn Woods of Allegany-Limestone. The Division I West first-team all-stars are pictured at top right. They are, from left, most valuable player Sally Rudny of Southwestern, Alyssa Brooks of Falconer, Kaytlin Haines of Jamestown, Jessica Pace of Jamestown, Kara Schutte of Southwestern, Kalynn Swanson of Falconer and Maddy Alexander of Southwestern. On the second team are Maddy Crandall of Fredonia, Ashley Butman of Jamestown, Kaylei Russell of Falconer, Alexis Clark of Dunkirk, Lindsay Harp of Brocton-Westfield. Ally Boskat of Jamestown and Carlie Carlson of Southwestern. Honorable mention selections are Erin Roach and Kayla Fish of Falconer, Shaunah Rudny of Southwestern, Lea Richir and Margaret Wright of Fredonia, Casandra Sobczak of Dunkirk and Marissa Okerlund of Brocton-Westfield. The sportsmanship award winner was Jessica Putcher of Brocton-Westfield. The Division 2 East first-team all-stars are pictured at bottom left. They are, from left, MVP Courtney Scanlan of Ellicottville, Alisha Szumigala of Forestville, Marissa Hamilton of Ellicottville, Sierra Tweedie of Forestville and Allison Harford of Silver Creek. Absent were Arrika Bley and Angela Filkov of North Collins. On the second team are Kayla Mansfield of Pine Valley, Kayla Dunkleman of Ellicottville, Jasmine Filkov of North Collins, Stephanie Schweickert of West Valley, Jordan Brooks of Silver Creek and Mackenzie Czapla of West Valley. Honorable mention selections are Lizzy Gilman of Forestville, Amanda Weaver of Forestville and Malyssa Farley of Gowanda. The Sportsmanship Award winner is Angela Filkov of North Collins. The Division 2 West first-team all-stars are pictured at bottom right. They are, from left, MVP Jenna Einink of Chautauqua Lake, Tara Hunt of Chautauqua Lake, Carly Abbate of Panama, Allison Strickland of Panama, Christine Seibert of Cassadaga Valley, Ashton Albanesius of Chautauqua Lake, Taylor Bowen of Panama and Marissa Trisket of Clymer. Absent were Katrina Christmas of Sherman and Katie Meadows of Chautauqua Lake. On the second team are Brittany Lenart of Panama, Bridget Yaw of Sherman, Hope Zielinski of Cassadaga Valley, Nicole Hemminger of Maple Grove, Sierra Sperenza of Maple Grove, Kylee Braymiller of Chautauqua Lake, Miranda Marucci of Clymer and Daniella Wade of Clymer. Honorable mention selections are Kalli Davenport and Naomi Kenny of Panama, Heather Sampson, Ryleigh Hawkins and Katie Doyle of Chautauqua Lake, Roxanne Toy of Sherman and Samantha Nickerson of Clymer.