Dunkirk: Ex-coach built a foundation

No matter what sport you coach in a community, there will always be issues other than just wins and losses. Ask any Little League coach about how one young athlete gets more playing time than another.

As fair as they may attempt to be, not everyone who participates will be happy.

Last month, Dunkirk City Schools made a tough and, quite possibly, an unpopular decision by ending its relationship with its former high school boys basketball coach Jerome Moss.

During his four years as coach, the program had turned a corner. It went from being one of the least competitive in the county to a team to be reckoned with.

In Moss’ tenure, he led an undefeated squad and won a league title. He admits disappointment about not having another opportunity this year.

“The decision to terminate me was already made before I was given the opportunity to present my side of the situations involved,” he said at last week’s Board of Education meeting. “I have been diligent in maintaining a professional and respectful relationship with the administration, faculty and community.”

Record-wise, Moss did a spectacular job of building spirit and a team concept that will be tough to match.

As with any “personnel issue,” however, the public will never hear all the facts in the board’s decision. This is one more case.

Winning in sports, many have said, is not everything. But fostering a winning attitude after years of futility is incredibly challenging.

If the Dunkirk boys’ basketball team can continue its winning ways in the upcoming season, it can thank Moss. He helped build that foundation.