Erin Riley fills new position at Cassadaga Job Corps Academy

CASSADAGA – A new position has been created at the Cassadaga Job Corps Academy, and an experienced, skilled staff member has been promoted to be the academy’s first evening program specialist.

Erin Riley of Fredonia,was promoted to the position just recently and will fully assume her new duties by the start of the new year. In her new capacity Riley will be responsible to roll out programming and projects to help enrich the experience of students enrolled at the academy and provide in-depth training on a variety of topics ranging from financial management, to independent living skills, community service projects and leadership development.

Riley brings almost six years of Job Corps experience with her to the new role. She has been working as a residential advisor since starting with the academy in 2008. She has been responsible to monitor and supervise a dormitory setting and work with all of the young women living on her floor. As an RA she has had experience in working closely with students to help them develop the employability skills and independent living skills essential to success in the workplace.

“I have really enjoyed working with my students. As an RA, you get to know our students better than most people do, and really see a different side of them,” Riley said.

She went on to comment about her new position, “I am excited looking ahead to what the evening program specialist position will enable me to do. I can step back from the day to day routine and provide these young people a chance to really shine and to learn things that are not taught in a classroom.”

The academy is seeking outside individuals, businesses and agencies which may offer programming, services or have specialized knowledge to share with young people preparing to enter the work place. The Cassadaga Job Corps Academy provides technical training to over 400 students per year, helping to prepare young people to enter a career in healthcare or construction. Students who are also in need of a diploma are given the opportunity to earn a GED or high school diploma while enrolled. All students attend on a federal scholarship after being deemed eligible according to Job Corps guidelines. For more information about the Cassadaga Job Corps Academy, or to discuss programming please call Adam Dolce, business and community liaison, at 595-4237 or visit