New website for house manufacturing caucus

Congressmen Tom Reed (N.Y.) and Tim Ryan (Ohio), co-chairs of the House Manufacturing Caucus, announced a new website for manufacturers and constituents, strengthening the caucus’ outreach efforts. The co-chairs released a joint statement on the website’s aim and the caucus’ ability to reach more constituents:

“The new website is a great resource and another opportunity for the caucus to increase communication between manufacturers and Congress. As we expand caucus membership and extend our reach, it is vitally important we get the word out about the important work being done. Our goal is to engage more of America’s manufacturers and serve as a resource for them by creating an environment with open lines of communication. The better communication we have, the better our ability to support manufacturers in making a strong economic comeback.”

The new website hosts press releases, meeting announcements, manufacturer visit photos, manufacturing news clips and membership information.