Company expansion in Mason Industrial Park

ELLICOTT – Gren Ventures LLC, is engaged in a new expansion project on Mason Drive in the Mason Industrial Park in the Town of Ellicott. The new construction consists of a 22,875 square foot building, which will serve as their new recycling and warehousing center. The construction project involves driveway, parking, landscaping and improvements to the land.

They will receive a Payment in Lieu of Tax Agreement from the County of Chautauqua Industrial Development Agency. The CCIDA also partnered with M&T Bank on the company’s $1,600,000 capital investment, providing a $550,000 AL Tech Loan. Gren Ventures LLC is expanding beyond the new recycling and warehousing center to also accommodate new lines of businesses, and more warehouse space is necessary to house all the new products. The new brands will now be distributed locally; four new employees have been hired, and additional hiring will follow.

Jon Gren Jr. stated, “We are very excited about our expansion project adjacent to our current facility on Mason Drive. Once the building is complete we will be able to process considerably more recycling and will also now be able to process not only aluminum and glass, but also plastic, cardboard and paper. Also, we are in the process of applying for a wine and liquor license that should be finalized around the same time as the building is completed. Our goal is to be a complete beverage company, the only distributor based out of Jamestown and Chautauqua County. We will have products ranging from water, soda and natural drinks to beer wine and liquor. Anheuser-Busch has been and always will be our main supplier but in order to stay competitive in today’s marketplace, we felt the need to expand to all beverage markets. The year 2014 will be our 60th year in business and we look forward to servicing Chautauqua County for many years to come.”

“It is great to see a well established local company – Arthur R. Gren Company Inc. – expanding in one of our industrial parks, adding jobs, and doing strategic planning for its future. Our hats are off to Jon Gren and his staff for their hard work and for being such a good corporate citizen”.said Bill Daly, Administrative Director/CEO of the CCIDA.

Arthur R. Gren Company Inc., located at 1886 Mason Drive, Jamestown, was incorporated in 1954, serving Chautauqua County as a private company wholesale distributer. The company has 36 full-time employees, and this expansion will create new employment.