Forestville: Remembering a true hero

A hero and community-minded volunteer and leader has left a legacy that must never be forgotten.

On Nov. 15, Michael Valvo, 93, of Forestville died. For so many decades, his name was synonymous with the village he loved. He served as a mail carrier and postmaster, village board and school board member. In addition, he gave years of service to the Forestville Fire Department as an officer and member while participating in a number of other groups and organizations.

Valvo also served in the U.S. Army during World War II. He saved the lives of three fellow soldiers while serving. In a 2011 “In honor” article, Vietnam veteran John Fedyszyn shared with readers Valvo’s heroic efforts on July 10, 1943 in Licata, Sicily:

“The (landing craft) on which PFC Valvo and other men of his unit were embarked beached at Red Beach at a point where the depth of the water was well above the heads of the men and the bottom was rocky and slippery. Added to the harassing enemy fire directed at the landing craft, the men had to contend with a strong undertow and the weight of their equipment. Some of them, unable to overcome these difficulties by their inability to swim, were at the point of drowning, had it not been for PFC Valvo. He plunged into the surf to their rescue. Three men would undoubtedly have drowned. Private First Class Valvo’s unselfish and heroic actions are the highest traditions of military service.”

For his actions, Valvo was rewarded with a Silver Star medal, the third highest military decoration for valor.

May he rest in peace.