Concerned resident updates council

BROCTON – With a budget in place for the town of Portland, that leaves some leeway in case of a potential revaluation.

Concerned Portland resident Bill Ploetz attended the Portland Town Council meeting to shore up any concerns that could be headed off before the new equalization rate is calculated and announced.

While Ploetz reported that he and the rest of the group of concerned residents are still waiting on FOIL requests submitted to the state that could help shed light on exactly what route was taken to determine Portland’s most recent equalization rate, he is keeping after the council and the assessor for any information that could lend to the same solution.

“Just be confident that when we get the information, we will let you know so that we have time to discuss it,” Ploetz said.

The resident also questioned Councilman Gary Miller on his thoughts about a revaluation taking place in the town.

“I have to say I have mixed feelings about it. For here, it’s only going to be a temporary fix,” stated Miller.

Ploetz agreed, noting, “It will fix Portland only. If our market value goes up, we’ll be paying a bigger share. There are seven other townships as bad or worse than ours, and we’d be carrying them.”

The resident also noted he is hopeful that with a new county administration, maybe there will be new ways to investigate how the county as a whole could be represented at 100 percent equalization, taking care of the seismic shifts that caused havoc for town taxpayers with their school tax bills last year.

While weighing the pros and cons of a potential revaluation, Town Supervisor Dan Schrantz assured Ploetz that the board would keep checking for any information generated by the assessor’s office that could aid them in their endeavors.

In other matters, Ploetz and Schrantz also both thanked outgoing Highway Superintendent Chuck Kelley for his years of service to town residents.

Schrantz also gave a nod to Kelley and village of Brocton Streets Supervisor Tom Allen for their and their crews’ work preparing the land at the Peerless Street Bridge project. He congratulated those newly elected into positions at the town and county level.

Portland Town Clerk Roxanne Sobecki reported that the town will once again be collecting items for needy families at the Portland Town Hall. Items collected will benefit two families in need in the local community, as well as The West Portland Baptist Church’s Food Pantry, which services the Brocton/Portland coverage area and surrounding communities. In recent years, the clerk’s office has collected an abundant amount of items that go directly to residents in need.

The town supervisor also noted that incoming highway supervisor Ron Delcamp will be advertising for the position of a mechanic position, which will be filled according to the possession of a commercial drivers’ license and a mechanic background.

The council will reconvene on Dec. 11 at 7 p.m.