Update given on Forestville renovations

FORESTVILLE – The Forestville facilities committee has been keeping busy; the school district is doing renovations in-house.

Steve Arnold, facilities manager, gave an update on the progress of the project at a recent board meeting.

Arnold said the district is in the process of creating and renovating office spaces for various employees, with the business office being one of the first offices to be moved. The employees were moved to the former faculty lounge, where renovations took place, including new wiring and insulation.

“We insulated it just for privacy. There are in just such an open area down there … this is giving each of them a separate location,” said Arnold. “It’s a lot quieter in there.”

The business office was also given a small kitchen area to utilize. Superintendent Charles Leichner said the insulation in the business office was needed.

“It really was something they needed. When you would go in there with a personal issue, that often takes place in the business office, you were in essence having a public conversation. It’s really nice now and Steve and his crew did all this work. It’s just outstanding,” Leichner said.

A former classroom has been split into two for Leichner’s office, which will include a space for conferences, and will be turned into an office for the secretary to the superintendent.

Once Leichner gets moved over, his current office space will be utilized by special education and school psychology. The current space is located next to the cafeteria, which can be noisy.

“For the whole middle part of the day, you got kids in the cafeteria right outside your door. This is a really nice move,” Leichner said.

Elementary Principal Daniel Grande will be moving into the current business office with his old office to be converted into a conference area, which can be used for parent-teacher conferences among others. The entire project is being done by Arnold and his crew whenever there is available time.

“I think it’s going to be nice there when it’s done,” Arnold said. “We just work on it, in between, the best we can. It’s taking a while but we did get the first area done this summer. Now, we’re just going piece by piece. Sometimes we only get two hours down there, some days we work four hours, some days we don’t get any. It depends how busy we are.”

The board was impressed by the work done by Arnold and the rest of his department. Board member Carol Woodward said she was impressed by the transformation, including those done in the new business office. She said the project was “awesome” and includes “much needed privacy.” Board President Sylvester Cleary gave his thanks and appreciation to Arnold.

“The board really appreciates all the work that you do, all the extra work you do and continue to do, and all the savings that you bring. I know one project with the office, if we had someone come and do that, it would have cost us a pretty penny,” Cleary said. “We really appreciate your expertise and knowledge that you have. I know that at every corner you’re thinking about how you can save us some money.”

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