‘Give thanks’ this week, every day

As Christians, we give thanks in worship and prayer to God in order to honor Our Maker, “The Creator of the heavens and the earth … who keeps truth forever.” In so doing, as those made in His image, we remember our own need for God’s presence, provision and protection. When we are able to acknowledge Him in all our ways and rejoice in Him, we magnify the Living God and glorify His name. It makes a difference, you know, in who or what we serve.

We are certainly blessed, as a nation, to have a Godly heritage of thanksgiving. From the founding of this country by the Pilgrims, who were truly grateful for their liberty, through years of persevering efforts to sustain such; there are those who have taken seriously the scriptural admonition: “Blessed is the nation that keeps the truth.” For those who have discovered that a true and lasting liberty and peace is found only in Jesus Christ, thanksgiving to God from a pure and loving heart becomes most precious and particular.

We remember, also, that Jesus Christ gave thanks to our Father in heaven, on numerous occasions. And, it is written, “In everything give thanks: For this is the will of God in Jesus Christ concerning you.”

Such gratitude makes difficult the inclination toward personal pride and arrogance, and encourages a prayerful, humble and trusting heart and a faith established securely in love.

We may discover that our own concerns, while not petty, become less daunting; our own lives, while not unimportant, become less distressing. Truly, reason to be thankful.

Barbara Stearns is a Fredonia resident.