Forestville severs ties with former attorney

FORESTVILLE – The Forestville Village Board has had it with waiting.

Last year, the former village board replaced the water line on Bennett State Road using $50,000 from the general fund and borrowed $150,000 in a short-term bond anticipation note.

The 60-year-old line was made from galvanized steel and was falling apart. The village had to make many repairs to the line prior to its replacement.

However, because there is not a water district on Bennett State Road, the village was unable to charge those out-of-village residents for repairs or the cost of the replacement.

The job of creating the district was put in the hands of former attorney Michael Bolender, who after being paid $192,000 for legal services for the water project, said he would complete the legal work for the project for $500 in secretarial fees. Municipal Solutions, the project financial management agency, estimated the legal cost for the project to be $30,000 to $40,000.

The board debated giving the job to new attorney Michael Sullivan in July, but decided the village had already overpaid for the service and wanted to get their money’s worth.

At Tuesday’s village board meeting, Deputy Mayor Kevin Johnson said he was tried of waiting for action from Bolender. Johnson said he has tried to call Bolender several times with no reply.

“(His service) was free, but nothing for nothing is nothing,” he said of what has been done.

He asked the board to give the task of creating the water district to Sullivan.

“So with Bolender, we are cutting our losses,” Mayor Linda Aures asked.

Johnson said the longer the village waits the more it will cost.

“We have to push forward with this,” he said.

The resolution was unanimously passed.

Johnson said he will be scheduling an informational meeting with Bennett State Road residents in December to explain the water district.

Clerk Jim White explained the BAN matures in February and that all project funding must be secured by September. White explained they will try to fold the project into the greater water project and Bennett State Road will pay for the debt incurred with the rest of the village.

Johnson said the village has not received the debt repayment from many Bennett State Road residents and will send out certified letters after the next board meeting on Dec. 10 that service will be shut off to those who are delinquent, following the water policy.

Johnson also reported on the south part of town the water lines are finished and services to homes are going in.

The board also approved the purchase of 10 pairs of fireman’s boots for up to $2,500 plus shipping and limited parking on Chestnut Street to fire personnel only.

The village board will only meet once in the month of December, on Dec. 10.