Support local Small Business Saturday


I realize for some, it’s fun to wake up early go to a big box store, or drive to a mall and make a day of it … have lunch, that kind of thing. And I know that that has its place, not necessarily for me, but I get it.

Others still prefer to the ease of the Internet. In these instances, your dollars are completely leaving the community.

On Small Business Saturday, save some money on gas, and get some local return on your money – about 68 percent of every dollar spent locally is returned to the community through taxes and payroll. Discover or rediscover your own local businesses.

You’ll find that the merchandise they carry isn’t the same thing that you find at the national chain stores. You’ll discover unique items and will be surprised by the excellent service that you may have thought was long forgotten.

Consider a retail shopping excursion in Fredonia. There are great local businesses to get great value from. Stores like the new Boutique Parlour, The Cool Little Music Shop, Lady of the Lake, Time Pieces, The Paper Factory, Fredonia Hardware, The Gallery Kitchens & Bath, Herbs for Life, Dick Golden TV, DFT Netsync Store, Kirk’s Jewelers, Patton’s, Gamerz Haven, Gentleman Jacks liquor store, even Sears is locally owned and operated. Give it a whirl, stop in see what they’re about. Take the time.

At our business, Pucci Carpet One, Furniture, and Bedding, we are very conscious of competitive pricing. And, on top of that, I know we add an extra layer of care, insuring that our customers have a successful purchase.

For that matter, I love when potential customers have already been to a big box store, as we regularly beat big box store pricing (as do many other local merchants). You have to remember, small businesses don’t have the overhead of big box stores and in most instances that evens things out. Also, local stores add service or extras – something most big boxes don’t do. For instance, on Small Business Saturday, Pucci’s is also offering a special long-term financing of 36 months no interest.

Support other types of locally owned Fredonia businesses as well. The tattoo parlors, the car dealerships, Fredonia Tropics, and all the salons and barber shops. It doesn’t just have to be electronics for the holidays.

For that matter, think about all the food service businesses just in the Fredonia area: The White Inn, The Upper Crust, The East Side Grill, The Kangaroo Cafe, Tuscany, The Brick Room/Coughlans, The Cakery, The Park Pub, Rocco’s to name a few; and many of the local bars, wineries, convenience stores that also serve the community.

I’m guessing they all have gift certificates for easy shopping as well. Please forgive me for leaving any businesses out, as there would not be enough room to list all of the wonderful businesses in just the village of Fredonia itself.

Small businesses are the lifeblood of every community. With your support, they can grow and there would be little need to shop elsewhere. Help our local businesses thrive. Just give them the opportunity.

Can you imagine what Fredonia would be like without these businesses here? Let’s keep our dollars in our community. So this Saturday, and especially throughout the holiday season, visit our local stores. And remember, by supporting your locally owned businesses, you’re also supporting yourself, and contributing to a better community.

If given the choice, shop local.

Michael Pucci is a Fredonia resident.