Singing for a Cure

At the annual Sing for a Cure at SUNY Fredonia, breast cancer was being told to “dash” away. The theme for the event was breast cancer must dash. Four a cappella groups joined together with FredAssist for a good cause at the Williams Center. All proceeds from the event go to the Circle of Love.

This was the seventh year Sing for a Cure has been held in connection with FredAssist and it’s in support of breast cancer awareness. FredAssist, which stands for Fredonia Association of Students for Safer Intimacy and STD Testing, runs a full sexual health center on campus any registered student can use. The center is fully confidential, according to Shannon Fisher, administrator. Sing for a Cure is something the students look foward to each year.

“The students are extremely excited,” Fisher said.

The all-male groups, Much More Chill and the Guerrillas in addition to the all-female groups, the Rivetters and Some Like It Hot performed a cappella songs ranging in musical styles from One Direction, Rihanna and Of Mice and Men including a medley of Pat Benatar songs.

Josie Christopher, founder of the Circle of Love, said the event is a great cause. All proceeds will be used to purchase yarn which is used to make turbans and prayer shawls.

The Circle of Love gives the prayer shawls and turbans, along with comfort pillows to cancer patients and those in need.

“This is really such a good cause, Sing for a Cure,” said Christopher. “It’s such a privilege to be in the midst of people who really want to help other people.”

Fisher said students and community members donate all year for the annual event which is always held during October in conjunction with breast cancer awareness month. Christopher thought it was fantastic that the students were sharing their gifts.

“It’s fantastic everybody is making a difference sharing their time and talents giving back,” she said.

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