Meals on Wheels prepares patrons for winter

SINCLAIRVILLE-The Sinclairville 76ers meals on wheels is preparing its patrons for winter by supplying a “Blizzard” boxful of non perishable food.

If the weather is inclement and the vans are unable to get through, the people will have a supply of food to use.

The Sinclairville 76ers meals on wheels, based out of the Sinclairville fire hall dining room, prepares and delivers meals three days a week, and delivers the meals by volunteers on three different routes.

Inside the Blizzard box are canned food, packages of non perishable food, bottled water, and a jar of peanut butter.

The boxes have a label on each one which read “Brought to you with Love by the Bemus Point United Methodist Church, the Christ First United Methodist Church, the Jamestown Container, Farm Fresh Foods, and Meals on Wheels.” Also included is a pamphlet of prayers.

For more information on the Sinclairville 76ers meals on wheels, call 962-3455.

New members are always welcome.