4-H youth help save butternut tree species

The Stockton Panthers 4-H club helped Anthony Pingitore by collecting 45 bags of butternuts recently.

The bags of nuts were taken to the Department of Environmental Conservation in Cattaraugus County. From there, they were sent to Sarasota Springs Nursery who will plant the nuts and raise the saplings so that the trees can be planted.

Butternuts are a member of the walnut family that have been affected by a blight, diminishing their numbers. They are especially good to plant in wet areas to increase the biodiversity of the area and as a food for wildlife.

The 4-H members working on this project were Kendra Dorman, Jared Dorman, Alexis Ruedinger, Cheyanne Wolcott, Zachary Wolcott, Erma Wolcott, Matthew Wolcott, Benjamin Wolcott, Jordan Thomas, Mary Bailey, Amber Bailey, Tessa Warner, and Chris Ellis.

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